Rookop is a brown, top-fermented ale formerly brewed by the St.-Joris brewery in the village of Reningelst until 1963.

We were asked to bring the most famous beer of this former brewery back to life and made it a dubbel-style ale brewed with Admiral and Golding hops, fruity and sweet with some chocolate notes.

Our Rookop was brewed for the first time on May 5, 2012.

Appearance dark brown beer, beige head
Nose fruity yeast and hop aroma's in the nose, some roasted malts
Taste surprisingly fresh & dry, hoppy with a creamy mouthfeel, roasted malts, some chocolate, coffee and fruitiness, perfect for foodpairings
Pairing stews, read meat (lamb!), sweet (grilled) vegetables, chocolate
Used hops Pilgrim, Goldings
Color: brown
Alc: 6.5 Vol.%
IBU: 20
Unfiltered and unpasteurized, bottle-conditioned.

Store upright in a cool and dark place.

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