Single Green Hop

Once a year in September, during the picking of the hops, we can brew a beer with wet or 'green' hops. This means that the freshly harvested hops are not dried but immediately used for brewing. As fresh as it gets!

The concept is the same every year: we schedule a brewday during the hop harvest upfront and brew with the hops that will be picked on that day. When we set the date, we don't know yet which hop variety this will be. The recipe is the same each year, only the hop changes. So each year the beer gets a different hop taste and bitterness.

We brewed our Single Green Hop for the first time in 2012.

Appearance amber coloured beer; fine white head
Taste This beer has a characteristic fresh taste because the hops used contain many of the oils that are normally lost when hops are dried.

Because of this the beer gets a very soft hop taste and bitterness.

To get the maximum 'green hop'-taste it's best to drink the beer young because after 6 months the taste starts to evolve. The aroma becomes less hoppy but the soft taste remains.
Used hops Phoenix
Color: amber
Alc: 5.5 Vol.%
Limited edition of 1.899 bottles.

Unfiltered and unpasteurized, bottle-conditioned.

Store upright in a cool and dark place.

Former editions

1.914 bottles
hop variety: Goldings en WGV (each 50%)

1.816 bottles
hop variety: Challenger

781 bottles
hop variety: WGV

582 bottles
hop variety: Goldings

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